Pet Photography Session

Pet Photography Session

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Who doesn't love little Fido?  And how can you not, with that tongue that doesn't stay in their mouth fully, or those big, deep eyes that tend to get them out of trouble every time, or their long and luxurious coat that seems to get pieces of itself woven into your favourite sweaters?  Pet's are the best!  Lets celebrate them and capture what makes them so special to you! 

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For all additional info, please see as this will give you a detailed overview of the process.  The payment includes photo session time (unlimited...we are working with animals here and they tend to not care about time limits!), professional photo editing, and as many digital copies as I can provide.  You will receive an online gallery of photos with a download code for high-resolution images.  The online gallery also works as a print shop and I can help you determine what type of prints you need.

Please note, since we are working with animals, the amount of photos given highly depends on the animal and their circumstances. I aim for 15 - 20 photos, but it may be a lot more or less depending on the dog.  If I feel there is less than an adequate amount, I will suggest a reshoot at no extra charge.  I want you to be happy with your photos!