About Me & You Studios

Me & You Studios is a Christian photography company that does a whole lot more than just take photos.  We specialize in wedding and portrait photography and believe that every photo we take is a part of your story, and it is our job to tell it right.  We want to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments so you can relive them again and again.  We believe we have God-given talents for photography, art, and design and will offer nothing less than 100% of our efforts and skill in creating beautiful, lasting portraits for you and yours.  Our desire is to tell your story of friendship, love, family, and togetherness with each photo we take.


So, Why Weddings?

When my then-fiance-now-husband and I decided to get married, we just wanted to be married.  We wanted to skip the entire wedding process and jump straight into the spending-the-rest-of-our-lives-together part.  My mom, however, wanted a traditional wedding with flowers and a dress and a cake... you know, the whole 9!  So she planned the entire day and I just showed up when I was supposed to (thankfully, the groom showed up too!).  It ended up being such a wonderful day with friends and family celebrating me and my best friend!  I look back on those photos and think, "Wow, I have never smiled so much in one day!"  

I want that for every bride...I want that best-day-ever, only-happy-tears, enchanted time that gets captured in every photo.  I want that stress-free, excited, all-eyes-on-you-two feeling and I want to solidify those memories in every frame.  So, don't worry about the photos...they will turn out beautifully...Just enjoy family and friends and each other as you start your married life together.  It is the beginning of a very special relationship and I am honored and elated to be a part of it!  

Me & The Hubby - The whole day was just smiles and laughter!

Me & The Hubby - The whole day was just smiles and laughter!

A Little About Me


My name is Allie and I has been taking photos since I was brave enough to steal my fathers old film camera and waste roll after roll on dandelions and butterflies.  I would describe my style of photography as descriptive storytelling.  I really like detail...I mean, I really LOVE detail.  I love how photos can force a viewer to focus on a certain part of an image or guide a viewer through a story.  And I think details are the way to do that!

I also like long walks on the beach but hate sand in my shoes.  I have two children: Charlie the Lionheart and Sweetheart the Sweetie-pie.  Both walk on four legs most of the time, unless begging for dinner.  I love crafty hobbies and am currently into quilling.  I am married to my best friend, Jc.  If two small paragraphs on me isn't enough, check out my introductory blog post all about me :)